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Rollator Cane Holder for Alevo Family

Rollator Cane Holder for Alevo Family


The B+B healthcare cane holder keeps your cane securely stored while on-the-go. The adjustable cane holder comes with a clamp attachment that allows the user to snap in the cane at the top and a small resting basket for the bottom tip.

  • Universal fit: The universal cane holder fits all Alevo B+B products and most rollators of the same type.
  • Secure hold: The cane holder secures the cane by snapping it at the top and resting the tip in a small basket at the bottom.
  • Easy to use: The tool-free click design made in Germany can be easily clicked on or pop off of the tube frame.
  • Long-term quality: The cane holder is made from solid plastic for long-term durability and use.
Length 3.78 in
Width 2.56 in
Height 2.48 in
Weight 0.17 lb
Material plastic
Color black

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